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LogicApps: Get the user who submitted your Outlook Actionable Message.

In many cases, when sending an Outlook Actionable Message, you are sending it to a specific user account and the resonse is always related to that user. 

What about when you want to send an Actionable Message that anyone in your organization can answer?  There is no documented way of determining what user responded to the message card directly from LogicApps.


SharePoint Landing Page

Do you think your default SharePoint site is rather plain and ordinary? We have the prescription to fixe your SharePoint landing page.


Modern Lists Update!

Hey, SharePoint Administrators. There have been some new updates released for SharePoint online concerning modern lists and libraries.  In 2016, Microsoft created the ability for tenants to opt out of the modern experience and stay with classic libraries.

Doctor SharePoint 42464

Add Location Details to SharePoint!

A new feature is scheduled to begin rolling out to Office 365 customers in mid February and that is Location Columns for SharePoint lists.  This new feature will allow the user to add location data from Bing Maps or from your organization directory to any SharePoint list or library.  This feature was previously only available on premesis.  Now with feature coming to SharePoint Online the user now has the option to add awsome visualizations to their UI and can also add value to many business processes.

For more information about this exciting new feature please visit the Microsoft SharePoint blog


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