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LogicApps: Get the user who submitted your Outlook Actionable Message.

In many cases, when sending an Outlook Actionable Message, you are sending it to a specific user account and the resonse is always related to that user. 

What about when you want to send an Actionable Message that anyone in your organization can answer?  There is no documented way of determining what user responded to the message card directly from LogicApps.

Doctor SharePoint is Inspired!

Doctor SharePoint recently attended Microsoft Inspire, a yearly conference where partners learn new Microsoft 365 techniques.  Besides using his generous expense account to enjoy himself, he came back with a bunch of Microsoft 365 updates.

New File Sharing Experience in Teams

New File Sharing Experience in Teams

Doctor SharePoint has long been an advocate of sharing, internally as well as externally.  So imagine his excitement when Microsoft announced a new file sharing experience in his favorite Microsoft Office 365 application- Teams!  In Microsoft Teams, users can share content with other Teams users within and outside their organization. Sharing in Teams is based on the settings configured in SharePoint and OneDrive, so whatever you set up for SharePoint and OneDrive will control sharing in Teams as well.

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I Dont Understand You!

Ever wish that you could understand everyone in a Teams meeting?  Even those with a heavy accent or speaking in different languages!?!  Wait not more (or at least not much longer)!  Microsft Teams is rolling out language translations this summer!

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Dr. SharePoint's Glossary of Acronyms and Terms

Have you ever been searching the web, not sure what to search for when fixing a SharePoint issue? Just need to get an overview of what everything means in SharePoint? Well, we here get asked the same questions all the time!

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