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Here are 10 Tips to Help Users Be More Productive using Teams

Here are 10 Tips to Help Users Be More Productive using Teams
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Here are 10 Tips to Help Users Be More Productive using Teams

Microsoft Teams is a wonderful collaboration tool, but it can quickly be the cause of your loss of productivity if you are not careful.  So here are 10 tips to help you get the most out of Teams.

How to Increase Your Focus

  • Filter activity by @mentions:  Once Teams get up and going in a production environment, Teams can start to become quite a noisy environment.  Filtering your activity by @mentions allow you to focus on the key conversations related to you.  To do this click on Activity, then click on the filter button and choose @mentions.
  • Bookmark a message or content:  A bookmark lets you save an important message or attachment for later.  To take advantage of this feature, in a chat click the bookmark icon.  Later, when you want to find your bookmarked chats type "/saved" in the Search bar to find all of your saved messages.
  • Use /Commands: Teams has many built in commands to help you increase you app navigation speed and efficiency.  To access the full list of commands available, type "/" into the seach box.

Collaborate Better With Others

  • Use @mention when you want to message someone specific in a team. This helps you to stay focused on the task without having to leave your current window.  To do this, simply type @"name of team member" in the search bar, click enter, then type and send your message
  • Initiate a Video chat or call.  Sometimes its easier to just call someone instead of tyeping messages back and forth.  To do this, open a chat with the person you want to speak with and then click the video or call icons in the top right corner
  • In-line chat translation: This feature is great for companies that have employees who use other languages.  To use this feature in a message, click on the ellipse, the click "Translate".

Stay Organized

  • Order your Teams: Over time, project priorities change. Teams gives users the flexibility to re-order teams to place the most important projects at the top.  To do this, simply click and drag the team you want to move.  Once the screen turns grey, move the team up or down depending on your need.
  • Favorite a Team or channel: Along with ordering your teams, you can set specific teams or channels as favorites.  This tells Teams to prioritize what information to show you .  Favorited teams and channels will never be hidden and always near the top.  To do this, go to the team or channel, then click on the ellipses and select Favorites.
  • Manage a team: In practice, project teams are always changing as the need arises. Teams is designed to be dynamic and you can add owners, members, and guests and removes people who are no longer involved in your project.  To do this, click on the ellipses next to the to the team and select Manage team
  • Rich text editing: Add a title, mark the message as important, and add other rich text options such as bullet points, highlights, etc.   To take advantage of these features, in the chat box click on the the symbol below the bar on the left hand side.



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