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How Automation Can Be Vital During Emergencies

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How Automation Can Be Vital During Emergencies

When the worst happens, the last thing that a company need is a lot of confusion.  Anyone will tell you that what is essential a successful disaster recovery is communication.  The employees responding to the issue need to be able to diagnose the problem and relay the findings back to their managers or whoever is coordinating the recovery.

In the midst of an emergency, a manual process can’t deliver the speed and proficiency needed.  In order to be able to respond quickly to problems, companies need to automate as much of their disaster recovery process as possible.

During the disaster recovery process information is being sent back and forth from the workers working on the recovery and the managers, it would not be best to not rely on emails and phone calls.  Calls and emails can be missed, impacting the recovery process. The staff should not be filling out paper work orders and incident reports.  This is just asking for human error to creep in.

Process automation allows the teams working the disaster recovery (either on site or remote) to fill in reports that trigger a workflow.

This is where Nintex’s Modern forms comes in.  Modern forms are integrated into Nintex workflow and can collect all sorts of data and direct it to the correct people.  This workflow has the ability to span across multiple departments in order to distribute the necessary information quickly.

A key aspect of Process automation is that ensures that the right people get the right information at the right time.

As a Nintex partner, we can provide companies the best disaster recovery tools available on the market.  These tools give you the ability to react in real-time to rapidly changing situations.  Here are the tools that we can offer an organization manage events and better prepare for the future:

  • Nintex Forms – Allows for faster, accurate responses
  • Advanced Workflow – Provides companies with the capability to design workflows to manage disaster recovery situations
  • DocGen – Gives organizations the ability to automatically generate incident forms for consistent reporting
  • Mobile App – Users can work from anywhere to provide accurate, real-time information

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